How to minimize hair loss after pregnancy

After having given birth to a child, many women have to face the same terrible problem: hair loss. A big part of them is not aware of the fact that this phenomenon starts to occur in women only after pregnancy due to the various hormonal changes of the female body. There’s no need to alarm! Hair loss seems to be a pretty common issue which you can easily get rid of in a short time.

Hormones and hair loss

Combat hair loss after pregnancy In case you are dealing with hormones changes and post –partum hair loss, it is essential to know what are the causes that led to your problem.  Before choosing the cure, you need to know the reason why your hair is starting to fall out: during the nine-month period, a higher production of prostacyclin induces an intense increase of the blood supply in the scalp, thus making our hair grow faster and stronger.

Unfortunately this period does not last much; after gestation our hair goes through a second phase, in which a sudden oestrogens collapse leads to alopecia, whose intensity varies from woman to woman. Although hair loss cannot be considered a serious disease, women who fight against this problem are willing to invest their money in good products like those from that can help them get their self-confidence back.

One of the best products you may find on the market is called Provillus, a supplement launched by Ultra Herbal. A growing number of women and men who suffer from baldness rely on this product for achieving their goal. Thanks to its regenerating properties, has the power to nourish the dead follicle, bringing it back to its functions. What makes Provillus so powerful is its high content of proteins, minerals and vitamins that reinforce the follicle and prevent hair loss.

Use Provillus to regrow hair after pregnancy

Why should women use Provillus to fight against hair loss after giving birth?  The answer is very simple. All of its components have been specifically selected by experts in order to nourish the hair follicle with zinc, magnesium, iron, B6 complex and calcium and obstruct the steroid that causes baldness: DHT.

However, this product does not only allow people to prevent baldness; in addition to its various properties, Provillus has the power to make hair grow fast thanks to various ingredients such as biotin and Minoxidil, able to boost the growth of keratin, para-amino Benzoic and horsetail Silica which act from the inside of the follicle.

Minoxidil plays an important role in hair loss prevention: This FDA approved ingredient guarantees effective results because of its power to speed up the hair growth process and strengthen the scalp bulb so as to eliminate the root cause of the problem.  According to experts, just taking few capsules on a daily basis (excluding pregnant women and people who are taking medicines), women have finally the opportunity to win against hair loss and live their post-partum period serenely, without having to worry about their appearance.